1. All members present shall ensure that they are duly registered before taking their seats.


    1. All registered members shall stay at the meeting venue throughout the duration of the meeting.



    1. The Chairman shall conduct business in accordance with the standing orders and shall decide on all questions as appropriate. He may end discussions on any subject if he is satisfied that due consideration has been given to it.



    1. A speaker must catch the Chairman’s attention before speaking.


    1. The Chairman shall call to order any speaker who deviates from the subject or violates the courtesies of debates.



    1. All members, speakers and observers shall be in their seats when presentations are being made.


    1. There must be respect and decorum for each other’s view.


    1. All members shall be seated as they are served with their refreshment package. Refreshment is for members present at the General Meeting. Not for absentees.



    1. Walk outs during such meetings disrupt flow of discourse and must be controlled.


    1. A high standard of discipline is expected throughout the Annual General Meeting/Special General Meeting.



    1. All discussions shall be taken according to the tenets of the bye-laws of KATH-CCU Ltd, Operational policies and Laws governing Credit Unions in Ghana.

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